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Marketing The Golden Rule

The idea of “we-ness”, first proposed by Mathwick, Wiertz, and de Ruyter (2008) remains critical for the creation of a social connection with a product or brand. The concept of “we-ness” describes the feeling and attachment one perceives in relation to a brand or product, thereby promoting consumption of both or either. Thus, pleasurable experiences are generated in the consumer when consuming what is marketed. In both food and education marketing, this “we-ness” includes the enactment of the Golden Rule- do unto others what you would have them do to you. It is therefore essential to all marketing strategies to begin with the notion that the consumer desires to do the ‘right’ thing. Whether it be sharing a Coke, or making your child a Nutella sandwich, to enrolling them in a school that will provide them with tools for a successful future, these decisions are made with that ageless rule in mind. The consumer wishes to do what provides the most pleasure, and that feels good.

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